International Ceramics Festival

Felicity Aylieff© Felicity Aylieff

The 2013 International Ceramics Festival, the UK’s leading festival of its kind, will take place at the Aberystwyth Arts Centre over the weekend of Friday 28 – Sunday 20 June 2013.

Internationally renowned contemporary ceramicists and potters from all over the world will be travelling to the beautiful coastal surroundings of Aberystwyth to take part in a jam-packed weekend of special exhibitions, artist-led talks, practical demonstrations, lectures and films. The artists’ workspaces will also be open to the public and there will be the chance to buy work from them direct.

This year promises to be a stellar line up for the festival, with artists travelling from as far as USA, Korea, China, Spain, Poland and New Zealand. Participating artists demonstrating their work include American artist Beth Cavener Stichter, whose provocative and emotionally charged animal sculptures turn the traditional use of ceramics on its head; one of the world’s foremost porcelain ceramicists, Takeshi Yasuda, whose beautiful, wheel thrown pots are currently being exhibited at the Fitzwilliam Museum’s exhibition: ‘China’s White Gold: Contemporary porcelain from Jingdezhen’, and Doug Fitch, one of the UK’s leading slipware potters.

2013 also marks new partnership between the International Ceramics Festival and the V&A.   Keiko Masumoto, who is the current Toshiba Japanese Ceramics Resident at the V&A in London, known for her delicate hand-building and intricate painting skills of the traditional Japanese style, will be visiting the festival and demonstrating her ceramic techniques, and also showing how she is using V&A collections to inform her skilled contemporary works.

FRI 28 – SUN 30 JUNE 2013

Aberystwyth Arts Centre, Mid Wales, UK

ICF_©Beth Cavener Stichter _1

© Beth Cavener Stichter

©Keiko Masumoto N700 Plates ©Keiko Masumoto Castle Pot

©  Keiko Masumoto

ICF_Jutka Palmer_ BEEKEEPER  earthenware vessels, painted with slips and oxides

© Jitka Palmer

Takeshi 2

© Takeshi Yasuda


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