Art at Five Gallery


We are really pleased to be working with one of Brighton’s most successful contemporary art galleries, artatfive, who will be celebrating their 10th Anniversary this October with a brilliant fundraising art raffle called Ten for 10.

It’s a simple idea: Ten of the artists who regularly exhibit at the gallery have each donated a painting which will be raffled for charity. For the price of a £10 raffle ticket you get the chance to own an original artwork for a fraction of its cost.

Even more importantly, all proceeds from the raffle will go to Brighton based water charity Drop4Drop. All money raised will fund a well for the Chennavaram community in Andhra Pradesh, East India. The community here is made up of 1450 people who currently have very little access to water and regularly have to walk 2km across the fields to collect it.

Artists donating paintings include Lisa Ridgers, whose paintings feature on two of the most successful programmes on US network TV, The Big Bang Theory and Two and a Half Men, and Philippe Aird, who was taught at an early age by LS Lowry before going on to found Manchester’s Phoenix Gallery, hugely popular Brighton artist Yvonne Coomber and one of South Africa’s leading artists Natasha Barnes.

The paintings will be able to view at the gallery from September 28th until October 22nd along with a new exhibition of work from the ten artists. For a sneak preview watch this space.