Ditch the Label: The Gender Report

ditch the label logo



At the end of January 2016, anti-bullying charity Ditch the Label released The Gender Report, which looked into the impact gender stereotypes have on young people and how those stereotypes affect them within relationships, education and the workplace.

Over 2,400 young people between the ages of 13-25 from 7 key international countries were surveyed. The report has uncovered some shocking findings, including:

  • 35% of teenage girls believe that their gender will have a negative effect on their career prospects versus 4% of boys;
  • 44% of respondents (57% male, 55% female, trans 21%) have been treated unfairly for not conforming to gender stereotypes;
  • 67% of respondents (66% male, 65% female and 83% trans) believe that they do not conform to the stereotypes attached to their gender.

Bullet PR arranged press coverage for the report including interviews with Ditch the Label CEO Liam Hackett by Sky News and BBC News, a piece on Buzzfeed and an infographic on page 2 of the Independent:



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