London’s Royal Docks: Forgotten Stories

At the end of 2015, Bullet PR launched London’s Royal Docks Forgotten Stories heritage project, a new online history archive recalling the Forgotten Stories of the characters and events that shaped the Royal Docks of London’s East End.

Royal Docks Forgotten Stories branding

We put out a call in the local London press (including TV and radio) asking for people who lived and worked around the docks to tell us their stories. Dozens came forward with their funny, poignant and always fascinating tales of life in and around the Royal Docks. We filmed those people telling their stories in their own words, creating a historical record of this unique area of London now on the brink of a major redevelopment.


A group of men on a ‘beano’ to the south coast.

Twenty-eight Forgotten Stories have now been documented. They tell the honest, amusing and often shocking tales of a life of genuine hardship, which until now have remained untold. The films are available to view at the Forgotten Stories archive.


With praise from the BBC’s Huw Edwards, the Forgotten Stories project reflects the influence the heritage of the area will have on the exciting future of the Royal Docks.

Watch the trailer for the project below.



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